Hello and welcome. I AM OLAF, a Tampa, FL based Photographer | Web/Graphic Designer | Musician


Preson Phillips


Weep....." begins with a call to worship, and ends with a call to bring others in to worship with us. It is our mission, it is our existence. We will worship something, the question is, what will it be?

Doe Ironwood


Doe Ironwood was a studio project I played drums for with Jacklyn Hicks and Tim McTague.

About Us


Olaf Holm is Tampa, FL based

This is the part of my website where I'm suppose to tell you about how great I am as well as my achievements. This bores me. So here is what I can tell you. I like to take pictures and I like designing both for Print and Web. I don't suck at it. If you like what you see let's do work. Thanks!

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